It’s not just about the magic of reflection. You also have to keep track. If you count your marbles, as my grandfather claimed to do every morning, you find out when you are missing some of them. If you count your little chickens, you know when the fox has happened by. If you count your chickens before they hatch, well, the yolk may be on you.

For me, specifically (what’s the fun in that?), I need to keep better track of published work. We keep digital portfolios: a class web site where students and their teacher publish standout work from writing to photography to spoken word audio tracks to scanned drawings. For the second time this year I remind myself in a big way, YOU’VE GOT TO KEEP TRACK.

When I sat down this week and filled out a tally chart of who had done what, I began to move forward in gathering the other work. I handed students X and Y cameras and had them take pictures for their portfolios at recess. I got student Z to record a poem on Audacity, to be posted in his Spoken Word portfolio. Keeping track gets things moving.

Does this mean I don’t keep track the rest of the year? Of course not, COURSE NOT. People, PEOPLE. I’m a professional. Now everyone just slowly, and easily, back away. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

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