He has not done his homework

this boy who lost a brother

to the strangeness of water

I say, just memorize

so much depends upon…

glazed with rain water…

you know, it’s short

he looks down


disappears into his dark hood

he gets upset

says a neighbor with glitter in her hair

he threw a chair once

i say,

it’s a new year

we all get a new chance


time to test ms. glitter

i say,

do the red wheelbarrow

she says,

so much depends upon

a red wheelbarrow

um (scratches her glitter)


glazed, says a voice

beneath the black hood

5 responses »

  1. Karl says:

    Beautiful, Mr. Peabody. Thank you.

  2. teacherbeth says:

    Absolutely, heartbreakingly perfect. Just, wow. -Sonia

  3. Marty Williams says:

    Heartbreakingly lovely!

  4. Carla says:


  5. Misa says:

    Really great. Thanks.

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