Today was a big reminder of why I need to get back to my writing workshop in the classroom. I have been lax. I have pursued other projects. I have created unwanted stress. But today I got back into it with a simple poster:


1. Write a new story!

2. Peer Conference

3. Write story#2!

4. Peer Conference

5. Publish a Book!

6. Go to step 1

I also created a simple book center where they could get a nice green cover sheet, some blank paper, lined paper, and glue. I gave them simple, clear instructions for getting back to their desks and making a book. I went over it. I’ll go over it again. I refreshed their memories about inviting someone silently to a peer conference and where to sit and what to do.

We re-launched the workshop. They were happily working. I called over students one at a time and we conferenced on a quickwrite I gave them yesterday (writing to a picture prompt). Some kids finished two stories and happily started making their books.

It’s back on, people. Let there be workshop.

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  1. Jan Donnelly says:

    Ever notice everyone can hear what you say? The flip of this is no one listens to anything you say. The truth is, they hear everything and choose to not listen, as in paying attention. If you ever put in the word PROMISE, everyone tends to listen and hear at the same time.

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