Teacher appreciation gift, handed me this morning by a quiet, sweet girl. Maybe she thinks I couldn’t possibly be this ON IT day after day after day after day without a little artificial help. Or maybe she thinks Tuesday is when I go clubbing. The doughnuts are actually a pretty good call in that they are a weakness. I must hurl them from the building soon (getting hungry) and hope no one gets hurt.

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  1. Dre says:

    This is great. And, I can relate! I have a private class with a genius 8 year old girl and her Mom always packs me “snack bags” filled with Krispy Kreme’s and sugary coffee drinks. It’s that or enormous, freaky sausages wrapped in doughnuts. Seriously. (I give them to my Korean co-teacher and so am well loved. Huzzah!).

  2. I have gone into a diabetic coma just looking at this picture.

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