Gray skies have returned after a string of blistering blue days. Today I extended my vow to walk the park daily to two days. I hiked straight up the steep road and followed the wonderful ridge hiking trail across the park. It’s nice to see the good Seoul citizens in shorts and t-shirts, out of their heels and business suits (I get an image of men in business suits clacking down the street in high heels, which would make this a truly awesome city indeed). Saw a bunny rabbit. White with black ears. Nibbling on grass. Saw a black rabbit, staring off into space, thinking about his finances. Another white one appeared, hopping against traffic down the walking path (Honey bunny doesn’t give a #$%!).

As I emerged from Olympic Park, I passed three wicked games of badminton with the poor birdie ferociously swatted by happy older folks. Hang a right at the giant thumb sculpture. Dodge the old man in jumpsuit zipping into the park on his unicycle. This place is awesome.

Now in a back street café, having my morning latte before class, I watch three young guys stagger down the middle of the street. Hmm, they must have been at one of the many, many “business clubs” (as in it’s business time) in this area (they have the low-hanging secret parking curtains so you can pull in discreetly). They shove the drunkest guy into a taxi and I wonder why that driver stopped for them. Maybe the saying is true here: “The customer is king.” Maybe he knows he can press the secret double the fare button and the guy won’t know. Maybe I need to stop thinking like an American.

OK, back to work. Girl from Ipanema is playing on muzak. Time for earphones. Peace out people.

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