“Most asteroids orbit the Sun in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter along paths are fairly circular, matching the average orbital eccentricity of the major planets…When the orbit of an asteroid has been well determined, that asteroid is assigned a number and a name. The number is a running index indicating its order in line of orbit determinations, and the asteroid’s name as customarily suggested by its discoverer…More than 9000 asteroids orbits have been well enough determined for them to be numbered and named. More than 220 asteroids are larger than 100 km…and nearly 28 million larger than a football field.”

-From Cosmic Pinball by Carolyn Summers and Carlton Allen

Think about that for a moment. More than 220 asteroids are larger than 136 miles across. That’ll make a dent, people. Luckily, your spaceship is more likely to run into one of the 28 million football field sized asteroids hurtling through space. The last thing you’ll see out that little white portal window, the tang floating nearby, are two thin goal posts, and a field of green quickly filling and destroying your view.


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