Dear Readers,

I am still mucking through the bureaucracy of it, but… I have signed enough papers now that I feel good about finally OFFICIALLY announcing my new job! Mr. Peabody has reinvented himself as an English Instructor at Laney College. I will be…no, wait, I ALREADY AM four weeks into the semester, teaching an English 269 Foundations in Reading and Writing class (though I just signed paperwork yesterday to actually get paid). My students are high school students at a community college as part of the Gateway to College program. They are at-risk, as we say (especially now that I’m their teacher…that’s a joke, people, relax), and this program provides them with the chance to graduate high school AND get college credits, which is pretty cool. I am considered teaching 75% time.

I have traded in Charlotte’s Web for Their Eyes Were Watching God!

More, perhaps, later.

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  1. Marna Blanchard says:

    That is great news! Especially for the students I teach. There is hope to undo all that I have done to them. Good luck!

  2. Justin McG says:

    That’s sounds like a cool gig! Congratz!!

  3. Diane Lloyd says:

    Good job, Evan. We knew you could do it.
    Don’t get bored. They are not as much fun as third graders.

  4. Happy for your new adventure and sad to see you leave the world of Charlotte’s Web.

  5. Maestro Evan says:

    Theresa, I know, I know. I have a lot of sadness about that too. I love me some Charlotte’s Web. Don’t get me wrong! Only gets better every read. But this is the road I am on for now and it feels right.

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