The logic goes

if you want to change politics

elect someone who doesn’t know politics

if you want to change the environment

hire an oil man

if you want to house the people

hire a surgeon

and if you want to educate the masses

nominate an idiot.

Well, Republicans, you’ve really buckled your seatbelts

on that meteorite you’re riding down

It would be fun to watch

if it weren’t going to burn up so many innocents

underneath the crash

I have to keep reminding myself

We knew this was coming

from that moment of incomprehensible result

We knew the era of pillage

and destruction

would be upon us

in all its hellfire

and we would have to fight and fight and fight and fight

and fight and fight and fight

and get knocked on our asses

and fight and fight and fight

But what I didn’t know…

Was how much beauty would be in the streets

from the pussy hat millions

pouring onto the streets of the world

too many to march!

to the airport lawyer army,

holding handmade signs,

to the indivisible heroes

popping up wildflowers in the weeds



Shame on you!

You spineless chickenshit bastards

Lighting up phones

Showing up in offices

and calling out in public squares,

Shame on you!

You cackling idiot ghouls

Shame on you!

I have to remember

We are everywhere

all ages

all people

sitting on shoulders

rolling in chairs

climbing lampposts

wanging on guitars

pouring out of public trains

congregating, gathering,

making late-night desperate calls and emails

We are everywhere

face scrunched with determination

fist in the air

and there ain’t no power like the power of the people

’cause the power of the people don’t stop

(say what?!!)

Fight on, my brothers and sisters!


4 responses »

  1. j.r. says:

    That was pretty damned visceral for Mr. Peabody. Loved it. Blood is pumping…


  2. Lynn Marie Glick says:

    Thank you for this inspiring poem! I needed a little pick me up today.

  3. Anne Weldon says:

    Amen to that accurate acknowledgement of these illogical times, encouragement to stay the course and appreciation of the beauty in the wreckage!

  4. Jan Donnelly says:

    Donald Trump anagrams into Turd Land Mop.

    It’s the poofy thing he wears on top.


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